How Excited are you for next Season???

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Tans Tache
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PostTans Tache on Wed May 17, 2017 10:46 pm

I know season has only just finished and no one has left and no was been bought... but with warnock here as our manager.. i can say i am excited for next season... its a shame we had put up with a few shite months with trollope before he got the boot... IF Warnock was our manager start of the season i do believe we would be in the play offs!

Anyway back to the queastion... i dont think its a case of who goes but more of who comes in ( i cant say i'd miss any of the players apart from Gunnarsson if they left)

I dont think whitts will go..
Manga i would love to stay but i think he will go..
Noone is very hot/cold but surely time to cash in


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PostSlimfrog's Son™ on Wed May 17, 2017 11:02 pm

Im holding my arms outstretched in order to show just how excited I am.

I could see a play off position next year, assuming that we keep the likes of Zohore, Gunns, most of the defence and add a few decent signings. I would be shocked if we actually went up though considering the money some clubs are throwing at signings and with some decent managers floating around. But it would certainly show just how good Warnock is. He's renovated City at every level and showed me that he isn't just a journeyman that a side brings in to get them promoted before moving on. Personally I'd like him to get a DoF position or a place on the board so that we can retain that experience and ability and assist with future decision making. He's only have to be at the club on a part-time basis so it would possibly suit him

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